On July 14, the anticipation and hunger at IHOP Jax was tangible as our 17 interns arrived for the first night of the OneThing Summer Internship. After the orientation class, the café was buzzing with conversation as the interns and teachers began to get to know each other and share their excitement for what was in store.

This two-week internship was incredibly fruitful! From the evening classes on topics such as “Steps to the Tabernacle,” “Sonship of Christ,” and “Healthy Holiness,” to the personal ministry time provided by our Healing Rooms teams, the interns were challenged, encouraged and blessed. They all experienced personal and corporate time in the prayer room, with opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and participate in worship sets as a prayer leader, singer or musician. Several of them received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and all of them were bursting with testimonies about what the Lord did in their lives. Here are a few of them:

“Through the internship at IHOP Jax, I got a spiritual high that’s meant to last a lifetime! I learned to walk with the Holy Spirit in intimacy, and how to stay in that lifestyle continually! Always walking with the Lord in all things!” Erika Shutts

“During the internship, I was really introduced to the person of the Holy Spirit. One of the highlights of the internship for me was getting to be a part of a Worship with the Word set. It brought me into a new place of freedom.” Kristina McKenzie

“The revelation I received about my identity in Jesus Christ was profound. I now have a deeper understanding of how God feels about me. How His whole plan revolves around me finding myself in Him through Holy Spirit.” Debbie Esposito

“During the One Thing Internship, my hunger for the Lord was noticeably increased. Even during the day when I was at my job, I physically felt the urgent need to be in fellowship with Him.” Brandon McKenzie

“He is calling me back to my first love. He is restoring intimacy with Him. He has stirred up a passion and zeal for intercession in my life. I am truly realizing that it really is all about Jesus and nothing to do with me, my gifts, talents, or my sins and failures.” Heather Kota

“God equipped me with tools to draw near to Him…I found a deep strength and intimacy learning to worship with the Word…praying back the Word to God not only moves His heart but it centers me in my faith by putting my heart and eyes on the Lord…” Megan Boone

“I didn’t know what to expect coming into the IHOP internship, but what I experienced was a genuine communion with God through prayer, worship, intercession for others, and the establishment of divine relationships within the diverse body of Christ. IHOP is not just a house of prayer and worship, it is a house of God’s love. I am forever changed.” Candise Carlson

In our next newsletter we will be sharing regarding our summer children’s intensive. I encourage you to consider partnering with IHOPJax on a monthly basis and join with us as the Lord builds His house of prayer in Jacksonville.



Kelanie Gloeckler
IHOP Jax | Chief Musician