Colossians 1:19 speaking of Christ, says “For it pleased the Father that in Him all the fullness should dwell”. That means it made Father God happy to pour out all His fullness into Christ. Can you imagine the richness of the fullness of the unseen God? Wait – that’s not all! Colossians also says “Christ in you the hope of glory”. That means that now the fullness of God (Christ) is inhabiting us. WOW! – and what is the hope? The hope is that one day the fullness of His glory will be revealed in us. Do you know the word says that creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God? What an amazing hope we have in Christ!

I wanted to share a testimony that blessed me of a young man who was by God at IHOP Jax.


Carlos Bosque

“I was raised Catholic, but left Christ when I was eighteen years old and began exploring various spiritual paths. After a few years of searching, and at twenty-two years of age, I was looking for a job, and decided to come to IHOP. Everyone was so nice to me there, and I felt so loved – loved like I had never felt loved before. I don’t think anyone knew that I was not a Christian at the time when I entered IHOP, but I’m sure they may have had a hunch. After a few hours of hanging out at Orientation Night, which was the night I decided to show up, I was invited to join everyone else in the worship room.

As soon as I entered the worship room, my life changed forever. I saw everyone walking back and forth – making their cry to God, calling out to the name of Jesus. The musicians on stage were making their cry to Jesus, exalting his name – and the response of the Holy Spirit was the Glory of God. For the first time I felt the presence of God, and I was completely sober. In that moment, I was able to fully recognize that Jesus Christ was God himself. I fell down on the ground, crying out to him along with everyone else. I was in the back of the room yelling very loudly. I remember Carlos approached me and asked If I would receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. My response was something like, “Yes! – Of course!” After all, who wouldn’t accept Jesus as Lord after seeing that this was clearly true?

My fire for Christ is going stronger than ever, and I am very grateful for all that has happened to me through IHOP, and all the friends I have met there.”

Maxwell Willman