Children’s Internship 2014

On July 28th-30th

IHOP Jax successfully hosted its first Children’s One Thing Internship. Over these three days, there were a total of 17 children who went on a Holy Spirit-led journey into the heart of Father God. There were times of focusing on their relationship with Holy Spirit, listening to His voice, prayer, worship, journaling, resting / soaking in God’s presence, and fellowship. A good foundation of how Father God sees them and who they are in Him was established in their hearts.

At the end of the first day, a spirit of intercession came on the children as they prayed spontaneously on the microphone for an hour and a half! They prayed for the hurting, broken, lost, children, families, the city, nation, other countries and the world to know Father’s love. They also connected with one another and loved one another on a heart level. There were five who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the next two days of our journey together, several of the children would ask, “Ok, so when are we going to pray again?” This was a sign that they were not only experiencing the Father’s heart for themselves, but were experiencing His heart for others. These children’s prayers are full of faith; they are powerful, and they move the very heart of Father God. 

“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter in.” (Mark 10:25)

Here are a couple of testimonies from parents of the children: 

“My husband and I thank God for Teresa and Natacha taking time to teach our children the voice of the Lord and the Power of His Spirit. My children and family will never be satisfied with religious activities without power, because of the investment that has been made. You may hear and see only a 3-5 minute prayer on the platform once a month, but there is so much more. We see the children take authority in the spirit while declaring and praying scripture. They have even been so bold as to prophesy in adult church services. With confidence they have given prophetic words to adults and children. Your internship is so vital to the future leaders in the church. I’m in tears as I thank God for our IHOP Jax family.”
-Pastor Sean and Christina Reyes

“The Children’s Internship 2014 at IHOP Jax, was more than I had expected. To see the children arrive so early to participate in and ‘engaging with’ Holy Spirit. The teaching and soaking was a pure blessing and joy. The 17 children that participated came hungry for more of God. The children spent time soaking, and my most special memory was when they had a session of ‘encouraging’ one another……in this session they all gave words they heard the Father saying towards the child in the ‘hot seat’… which meant the child was being blessed :-)… and it just knit the kids closer to God and especially to each other. Another ‘kairos’ moment (moments) was definitely the soaking times. It took no time for Teresa to teach on Holy Spirit and these children were ready to sit at His feet and hear His voice. I am so thankful to have witnessed a powerful week of loaded teaching, impartation and activation of our most precious asset and treasure… the future generation.”
– Diana Decker